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A brand is more than a logo. It’s a statement of quality that wins respect and provokes the loyalty of those who come to know it. PSD Brand Design help create, develop, maintain and improve brands. Brands that build loyalty with your customers, staff and stakeholders.

Brand Consulting

PSD Brand Design provide brand consulting services to help develop and define marketing objectives. Understanding how your business connects with your customers and what makes them choose one product or service over another drives the best outcomes for our clients.

>> Brand Consultation
>> Brand Strategy
>> Brand Management
>> Brand Naming

>> Consumer insights

Brand Design

A brand is more than a logo or symbol. It is a graphic imprint that projects your brand, expresses excellence and creates awareness, interest and demand. It’s a mark that tells a story and instantly identifies your company through all corporate, marketing, service and product channels.

>> Logo design
>> Corporate identity
>> Sales brochures
>> Direct marketing
>> Packaging
>> Print advertising


Each online brand deserves its own personality, tone and voice to seamlessly integrate with offsite marketing. User experience, data capturing and creating sales opportunities are carefully considered when developing an online brand experience to ensure the best outcomes for your online brand.

>> Website design
>> Social media marketing
>> Video marketing
>> SEO / SEM

Craft the right brand impression for your business.

Brand Design is never set in stone. The only permanent state in a world of fast moving ideas, innovation and communication channels is change. To stay ahead, to remain contemporary and relevant in a changing world, brand design and implementation demands attention, insight, agility and co-ordination.

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Ambassadors, custodians, care-takers for your brand.

From the initial planning stages, through to final implementation, PSD provide you with the expertise at every step of the branding process.

1. Collaboration

During this stage of the process we work closely with you to identify the desired outcomes for your brand. This stage is particularly important as it will set the tone for the rest of the brand development process. Collaboration is ongoing throughout the brand campaign and beyond.

2. Discovery

Brand research and discovery will help to define all aspects of the brand prior to creative development. The discovery process is not only to uncover details no one previously recognised, but also gather information so we can catch up with you, to thoroughly appreciate your brand and create successful outcomes.

3. Creative

The creative process always consists of more research, physical sketching, planning, thinking, computer designing, client and team collaboration. It is never a lick and stick solution. PSD push and pull design, turn it upside down, sideways and inside out, and then start all over again until the creative is on brand.

4. Re-Create

[Re] Create involves working closely with you to test the effectiveness of the brand creative. During this time, we will review messages, tone, voice and reconsider some of the decisions we have made. Upon revision and finishing touches the design is made ready for final approval.

5. Implementation

This is possibly the most exciting stage of the whole process, as it represents the moment at which the design comes to life – distributed, printed, placed, coordinated….and you can see the positive effect it is having on your audience.

6. Support

Once the brand project is completed that is not the end of the brand cycle. PSD provide support for your brand by continually offering advice, added services and new ideas.

The Studio

At PSD, we assist you connect with your customers through the development and delivery of targeted marketing communications. From initial planning, through to the implementation of your brand message, we provide you with the expertise at every step of the process. Whether your brand is established, requires a re-brand, or a start-up company wanting to provide a footprint in the market, PSD craft effective brand experiences.


PSD’s main objective is to ensure your marketing communications effectively deliver the desired goals that meet and exceed your expectations.
Our creative team and network of specialist providers are industry experts in their fields. PSD are continually looking to evolve and ensure our clients have access to cutting edge technologies, best creative practices and specialist talent to deliver exceptional solutions for your brand communications.

Our team

The team at PSD are made up of dedicated specialists, Art Directors, Brand Designers, Copywriters, Video Producers, Web Programmers and Marketing Specialists. Each fills a role required to deliver exceptional outcomes for your brand collateral.
Each of our external suppliers have been hand picked, collaborators with one goal – to exceed the expectations of our clients through the delivery of exceptional brand delivery.


PSD pride ourselves on our reliability, efficiency and providing outstanding customer services.
Always available for a chat, our advice is free and provided openly. Our internal service platform gives you access to a dedicated client services manager who understands both marketing and brand design, ensuring your project brief is received and communicated effectively.Our fast turnaround of critical projects ensures we never miss a deadline.

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